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  • Should a booked vet offer referrals?

    Updated Sep 02, 2014 Posted by P.K.P., Scranton, Pennsylvania on Dog

    Question Should a booked vet offer referrals? Our son's 14-year-old chow suddenly had problems standing on her back legs. When I helped her up and released her, her back legs buckled. I called our vet for an appointment on a Friday, but was told there were no appointments available until Tuesday. I asked for a recommendation. The person taking the call said that without seeing the dog, she had no idea what to recommend. I said that I meant a recommendation of another vet. I was told I'd have...

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  • Cushings Disease in Your Dog

    Updated Aug 29, 2014 Posted by J.P. on Dog

    Question Our shitzu Maltese dog is 7 1/2 yrs old. Has been on temaril-P for allergies for several years. We did not know this would affect his liver. A recent blood test indicated he has Cushings disease. Vet recommended also he take Sam-E or milk thistle to boost his liver. The dog always acted hungry so we switched his healthy Wellness food to another Wellness brand. Since then, he suffers from diarrhea. We stopped new food, went back to old food. Vet said he should be on senior food....

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  • Inflammatory bowel disease in cat

    Updated Aug 28, 2014 Posted by B.D., Springfield, Massachusetts on Cat

    Question I am desperate for information. My cat has just been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease.In May 2013, she started vomiting after eating. I have 13 cats, and it took some time to figure out who was vomiting. She weighed 14 pounds in 2013. She now weighs 9.5 pounds. My vet performed an endoscopy and colonoscopy last week and also took biopsies. The biopsy histopathology report indicated IBD. They now want to put her on prednisolone for 14 days. Approximately one month ago, I...

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  • Is it safe for a person to give his dog ice cubes?

    Updated Aug 27, 2014 Posted by A.S., St. Louis on Dog

    Question I keep hearing that it's not safe for a person to give his dog ice cubes. My family has had animals for more than 40 years, and most of them at one time or another has had an ice cube. Answer Ice cubes are great for dogs, but all in moderation. Gulping one down could cause accidental choking. Eating too many could possibly harm the stomach lining or cause problems for a dog with a damaged stomach or esophagus from acid reflux or esophageal abnormality. I would offer a little...

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  • Shih Tzu's bizarre behavior with his tail

    Updated Aug 27, 2014 Posted by J.P., Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Dog

    Question Our shih tzu acts like he's getting goosed regularly. He suddenly jumps and runs away. What should we check for? He eats Wellness Weight Control and Merrick's canned dog food as a topper on his dry food. Answer I am glad that you did not simply laugh off your dog's behavior. It could be a blocked, infected or even cancerous anal gland. Another possibility that's not uncommon in dogs with docked tails -- a routine mutilation of many breeds, which I abhor, but is rarely done on shih...

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  • Cat Cystitis and Arthritis Treatments

    Updated Aug 26, 2014 Posted by K.S. on Cat

    Question We have 10 years old cat-Franky , weighs 14 pounds, he is on Urinary SO diet because of bladder stone history. lately he is limping while climbing the stairs , he is fine going down. do you think he has Arthritis and in that case please let us know if there any natural remedy that can help? We will appreciate your help. Answer Dear K.S., first You should try our cat on D-Mannose for the cystitis issue as per my recent response to a reader on this supplement: D-Mannose, in extracts...

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  • Dr. Fox's Opinion of "Just 6" Dog Food.

    Updated Aug 25, 2014 Posted by D.K. on Dog

    Question I wondered if you have any qualms about this dog food. It is grain free, soy free and gluten free. Would like to try it. I now feed Cody Blue Buffalo. Answer Hi D.K., So called celebrities using their names as brands for various products, especially pet foods, risk selling their souls to mammon. I was hoping that Rachel Ray's new dog food "Just 6" would be a step up from what was being marketed under her name in the past.. But I would not recommend it even though it is advertised as...

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  • The side effects of Apoquel on dogs

    Updated Aug 24, 2014 Posted by M.M., Palm Beach, Florida on Dog

    Question Every weekend I read your column, and many times people talk about the desperation to find something to alleviate the side effects of their animals' allergies. I, too, have faced this with our 18-year-old poodle until our vet was informed about the new drug Apoquel. This is administered twice a day for two weeks, then reduced to once per day thereafter, and the dosage is decided by weight. While there were minimal side effects, they were not serious, and they diminished once the...

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  • My male cat spray-marked indoor

    Updated Aug 24, 2014 Posted by M.C., Scranton, Pennsylvania on Cat

    Question I adopted two cats from the Humane Society 5 years ago. The brother and sister were kittens at that time. They were both neutered at 6 months. Two years later, my male cat had a complete blockage of his urinary tract. It cost almost $1,000 to get him back to good health. They are now both on Royal Canin Urinary SO dry cat food. In the last week, I have noticed two occasions where one of them urinated outside of the litter box by my bed, on the bed skirt and on the carpet. I don't know...

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  • Loss of Appetite in Dogs

    Updated Aug 20, 2014 Posted by P. Q. on Dog

    Question My 11 year old Pappilon mix, 14 pounds has always been a finiky eater. I finally found Blue Life protection for seniors. I put 1 tsp wet food and she would gobble up. She has been getting small pieces of my meal, chicken, etc. Now for over a week she refuses to eat her food, will only eat the teaspoon of wet food. I am ready to go to the Vet. she just had her physical 2 weeks ago, shots, and had senior blood work. all were fine. So yo have any diet suggestions? Thank...

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