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Here you will find all of Dr. Fox's newspaper syndicated columns.

  • The relationship and meaning of love between human and animals

    Updated Oct 23, 2014 Posted by G.B., St. Louis on Small Pet

    Question I volunteer to walk dogs at our animal shelter and also foster dogs for adoption. Some people say that we "animal lovers are suffering from misguided love and should care more for people, especially children and the handicapped." What is your opinion? Perhaps this is why municipalities generally give little funding for local shelters. It also makes me sick when I see some animal trainer of killer whales or elephants on TV insisting that they love the animals they work with. What kind...

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  • What does cats purr signify?

    Updated Oct 23, 2014 Posted by C.D., Montreal, Quebec on Cat

    Question Could purring in adult domesticated cats be a neurotic behavior just like barking in adult dogs? Do adult felines in the wild purr at all outside of the birth and raising of a litter, or do they purr as frequently and intensively as domesticated and pampered cats? I had a very dependent cat who would drool and purr constantly while I was in the room. I don't think this is normal behavior. This would have incredible implications, as purring is currently interpreted as true happiness...

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  • Dog Snap at Other Dogs

    Updated Oct 23, 2014 Posted by C.H., Ocean, New Jersey on Dog

    Question I hope you can help us with our 6-year-old bichon-poodle mix. She used to be the ultimate submissive dog whenever she met another dog. She would roll over on her back and display her belly while the other dog would sniff her. Then she was chased down twice by a neighbor's off-leash border collie. Last year she began to snap at other dogs if they came nose to nose with her, and it seems to be getting worse. She is reasonably OK with dogs she has known most of her life, but we are on...

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  • How to comfort a dog of mourning its dead companion?

    Updated Oct 23, 2014 Posted by A.R., Arlington, Virginia on Dog

    Question My daughter's Shih Tzu died suddenly this week. My Maltese, Bianca, and Bella the Shih Tzu were best buddies and grew up together for the most part. Since my Bianca did not have a chance to see Bella in her last few hours to know she was ill, what is she thinking? She keeps looking up when my daughter or I come in the house, and she appears to be looking for Bella. I know she is grieving for her buddy, but I think more is going on. The four of us usually went out Saturday mornings...

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  • Cushings Disease In Your Dog

    Updated Oct 21, 2014 Posted by R.D., St. Louis on Dog

    Questin I recently lost my papillon after he battled Cushing's disease for several years. We went through all the periodic testing and daily doses of trilostane, and there is no doubt in my mind it was all worth it. Even though it was always tough to find the money to pay for his treatment, I know it extended his life several years. I was very lucky to have a great vet attending him, and my advice to any caregiver would be to follow her vet's advice and follow through with appropriate...

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  • How long should I give dogs heartgard?

    Updated Oct 20, 2014 Posted by S.H., Flint, Michigan on Dog

    Question How long do you recommend giving Heartgard to a dog? With colder weather approaching, do I still have to give it? I live in Michigan in a condo; my dog is mostly an inside dog. Answer DEAR S.H.: I often get this question, and veterinarians are somewhat divided over the issue. Some advocate year-round preventive medicine regardless of where they live. But climate change is here to stay, so caution is called for, especially when people travel with their dogs to warmer states in the...

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  • Homemade dog food save a dog’s life

    Updated Oct 20, 2014 Posted by J.N., Manahawkin, New Jersey on Dog

    Question I want to thank you for your homemade dog food recipe! I know that it saved my dog, Ranger. He is a 3-year-old husky who we adopted from a shelter when he was 4 months old. He had some digestive issues until our vet had us do a protein elimination diet. We finally realized that chicken was the problem. He was put on a diet of Natural Balance venison dog food. Things were better until he wouldn't eat it anymore, and he started losing weight. We were really getting nervous when we...

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  • Dogs eating dirt

    Updated Oct 20, 2014 Posted by S.Y., Cottleville, Missouri on Dog

    Question I recently contacted you about my four dogs eating dirt after every meal. They had been eating Purina One for seniors. After buying your book "Not Fit for a Dog" I made your dog food recipe. The very first day they starting eating it, they stopped eating dirt! They love it! Thank you. Answer DEAR S.Y.: I always appreciate feedback from my recommendations for companion animals, especially when it comes to what they are being fed and my belief that better nutrition is the cornerstone...

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  • Cat Dental Tartar

    Updated Oct 20, 2014 Posted by E.W. on Cat

    Question My adult persian cat (18years old) has started to make a clicking sound when chewing, His appetite is good. He does have some teeth missing and is taking ClinDrops for gum disease. I took him to the vet a week ago concerning Muffin turning his head to the side and some times making a clicking sound. The vet checked his mouth and did not see anything else but the gums and some tartar on his remaining teeth. He said he probably is tilting his head to the side where he can chew better. He...

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  • dog’s behavior of smelling and covering other dog’s feces

    Updated Oct 19, 2014 Posted by J.C., Berlin, Maryland on Dog

    Question Dear DR. FOX: I would like to share with you an unusual behavior of my 4-year-old Labrador-rottweiler mix. On walks, he sees and smells other dogs' feces, and if it is in soft soil or sand, he will take his nose and attempt to cover it up. He is very deliberate about it and will circle around until it is covered, gently pushing with his nose. We have had similar mixes before, and they have never done that action before. He is highly intelligent, but we have never trained him to do...

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