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Here you will find all of Dr. Fox's newspaper syndicated columns.

  • dog’s behavior of smelling and covering other dog’s feces

    Updated Oct 19, 2014 Posted by J.C., Berlin, Maryland on Dog

    Question Dear DR. FOX: I would like to share with you an unusual behavior of my 4-year-old Labrador-rottweiler mix. On walks, he sees and smells other dogs' feces, and if it is in soft soil or sand, he will take his nose and attempt to cover it up. He is very deliberate about it and will circle around until it is covered, gently pushing with his nose. We have had similar mixes before, and they have never done that action before. He is highly intelligent, but we have never trained him to do...

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  • Cats making sounds when they hear music and songs

    Updated Oct 19, 2014 Posted by C.B., Alexandria, Virgnia, Y.H., Arlington, Virginia on Cat

    Question Dear DR. FOX: I am writing in response to your recent column in which someone indicated that their Himalayan cat "goes crazy" when her owner sings. I, too, had a female cat who responded in a strange manner to my whistling. When I whistled "The Yellow Rose Of Texas," Tobey would meow and paw my arms. I only saw this behavior in Tobey when I whistled that particular song; she would not react when I would sing it or whistle another tune. Thank you for your time; I enjoy your columns. ...

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  • Why does my cat only eat gravy?

    Updated Oct 17, 2014 Posted by K.P., Naples, Florida on Cat

    Question I have a wonderful 15-year-old indoor tabby cat, Tyger, whom I adore. I am 77 years old, and this wonderful cat nurtured me after my husband's death. We had two Siamese and two tabbies, and Tyger is the only one left -- the other three died of old age. Here is the problem I have: He doesn't eat like he used to. He has teeth, but he doesn't eat much of his wet food. Instead, he just licks the food dry of its gravy. I have tried so many different wet foods, from cheap to very...

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  • Isn’t it inhumane to keep birds in a cage?

    Updated Oct 17, 2014 Posted by C.E., Naples, Florida on Small Pet

    Question You may have written about this some time back, but I hope you'll mention it again. Isn't it inhumane to keep birds in a cage? Pet stores still sell them, and people still keep them in their homes. Why don't animal rights groups speak up on the subject? I hope, as a compassionate person, you agree with me. Why can't humans let other animals on our planet have their freedom? We just can't leave other animals alone, can we? To humans, other animals exist solely to be eaten, used in...

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  • Mange on fox

    Updated Oct 16, 2014 Posted by J.S., Millersville, Maryland on Small Pet

    Question I think you have the perfect name for my question. Having seen the devastating effects of mange on foxes, I did some research and found a homeopathic remedy, arsenicum album and sulfur, which has been very effective. I had to do some guessing on the dosage, but three pellets of each daily has worked. However, I currently have a neighborhood fox who doesn't seem to be getting better. Her fur is not really bad, but it seems to be deteriorating rather than improving. I have been treating...

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  • How to stop a dog from itching?

    Updated Oct 16, 2014 Posted by J.U., Clarksburg, Maryland on Dog

    Question Your recent column about the poor dog with incessant itching reminded me that I had a similar experience with my little Schipperke. He developed a rash and itched so badly that he was digging out his fur on his back and legs. Our veterinarian gave him prednisone and changed his diet to fish and potatoes. It was by accident that I came across an article about a woman who had a terrible eczema problem and nearly itched herself to death. It turned out that she had an allergy to peanuts....

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  • What human food can dogs eat with least negative effect?

    Updated Oct 16, 2014 Posted by T.C., O'Fallon, Missouri on Dog

    Question I have a mini Chihuahua. He is a six-pound, 3 1/2-year-old dog. I fed him human meats, hard dog foods and dog snacks. He wouldn't eat a lot of regular dog food, so I gave him chunks of ham, beef and salami. Then I gave him popcorn, Doritos, potato chips or cheese for snacks. He ate about 1 cup of food a day. I saw that he had dots in both of his eyes, so I took him to the vet. I was told his cholesterol levels may be high and that's what's causing the dots. I then got a cholesterol...

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  • Good Nutrition: the Best Preventative Medicine.

    Updated Oct 15, 2014 Posted by K.J. O'Fallon, MO on Dog

    Dear Dr. Fox I recently decided to try your recipe for our 15 y/o female beagle mix and have seen positive results. Back in June of this year, she had her regular annual shots and check up on a Monday and on Friday night she tried to stand up and lost her balance, it seemed like her back legs were giving out on her, then when she tried to walk, she would walk in circles. We took her to the vet the next morning who diagnosed vestibular syndrome and prescribed prednisone for 5 days. She seemed...

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  • Dog chewing problems

    Updated Oct 15, 2014 Posted by D.A., Hyde Park, New York on Dog

    Question I rescued a dog from an animal shelter. He is a beagle mix, about 1 1/2 years old. After having him for three days, he chewed part of his tail raw. I took him to the vet, and she tested for mites and fleas, but did not see any; I called the shelter where I got him, and they said he was allergic to grain and chicken. I changed his diet and that helped, but he still chews at his sides at times. The real problem I am having is when I leave the house, he takes all the knickknacks I have...

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  • Cat continue vomit after taking Cerenia

    Updated Oct 15, 2014 Posted by J.G., Kensington, Maryland on Cat

    Question One of my female cats, who is about 10 years old, began vomiting a few months ago. Because she vomited all the food she had eaten, I changed the food to a more natural wet food with fewer additives and no grains. When she vomits, it is usually one to three hours after eating her food, and it is undigested. Because she continued to vomit frequently, I took her to the vet, who did a basic evaluation that included urinalysis. Nothing unusual showed up on the tests, and the vet diagnosed...

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