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  • Cat's fascination with water

    Updated Sep 21, 2014 Posted by S.E., Crofton, Maryland on Cat

    Question I have a 10-month-old kitten who sits in the bathroom while I am in the shower. Before I get out, she usually paws on the shower glass and meows. When I get out, she acts like she hasn't seen me in a month. She wants to be held, meows like crazy and keeps rubbing her head on me and pawing at me. I was wondering if you had any ideas why she behaves like this. I love it, but I am curious. Answer Many cats have a fascination with water, be it from a dripping faucet or a shower beating...

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  • Any ways to prevent dog seizures?

    Updated Sep 18, 2014 Posted by R.C., Spring Church, Pennsylvania on Dog

    Question We have a 2 1/2-year-old male presa Canario dog who weighs 130 pounds. He started having seizures when he was 1 1/2. He had three to four seizures the first hour, then farther apart -- one hour, three hours, five hours and one or two the next day. These were bad seizures: lying on one side, kicking and shaking. He now has seizures every three weeks. Our vet prescribed phenobarbital and potassium bromide. He still has seizures every three weeks, almost to the day. We don't know if the...

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  • Experience of taking care of dog by having her on Dinovite

    Updated Sep 16, 2014 Posted by A.G., Norfolk, Virginia on Dog

    Question You recently wrote about a dog with a skin issue. I urge you to inquire about a product that could cure this pitiful dog's problem. One product is Dinovite. My neighbor's Lhasa apso was on prednisone and a variety of allergy shots for five years without his terrible skin condition improving. After three weeks on Dinovite, the skin is clear. I've given the name and website to people I see whose pets are obviously in trouble. Months later, I bump into them, and their dogs are so happy....

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  • How to make startle-prone Dog with pancreatic deficiency calm down?

    Updated Sep 12, 2014 Posted by G.B.G., Arlington, Virginia on Dog

    Question Keltie, my 7-year-old female German shepherd, has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, which was diagnosed at about 7 months, when my son was raising her. The main symptoms were normal for this condition: large, loose, grayish cow pies for poop and drastic weight loss. Unfortunately, it took the vet some time to diagnose, though I don't know why since shepherds are susceptible and the signs were obvious. She came to live with me when she was around 3, after being diagnosed and having...

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  • Cats with urinary crystal need no grain gluten or wheat gluten in their diets

    Updated Sep 12, 2014 Posted by Y.J., Yadkinville, North Carolina on Cat

    Question Our 8-year-old neutered male cat, Tiger, was prescribed a seven-day course of Clavamox for a urinary tract infection, as he was urinating blood outside his litter box. Less than two weeks later -- after completing this course of antibiotics -- I noticed that he was straining to urinate and constantly moving from place to place to try to go. It was obvious that he was in trouble. I took him to the vet immediately, and, after extensive blood work and X-ray, it was determined that he had...

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  • My Cat never drinks water

    Updated Sep 10, 2014 Posted by T.M., Charleston, South Carolina on Cat

    Question Our kitty, Bella, adopted us a year ago. She is active and healthy. My concern is that she has never been seen drinking water. We tried switching bowls, using a fountain-type water bowl, using a dropper -- she will not drink water! Our older male kitty is always drinking from his bowl. We think that when she was outside, something happened to her that makes her afraid of water. They are both indoor kitties now. She is always licking things like carpets, tables and whatever is on the...

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  • Article on Feline IBD

    Updated Sep 10, 2014 Posted by Dr. J. W. on Cat

    Question Dr Fox I've been in practice for 35yrs and pride myself on doing what is right for the patient,one at a time ie least costly method available to effectively treat the pet. I appreciate that you share info with the public on alternative treatments/ cures ,I am thankful to get any new info that helps our patients resolve their illnesses. I STRONGLY RESENT your snyde comment and implication that we "regular" vets treat in order to pad our bank accounts at the expense of our patient!!! IBD...

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  • Heartgard to dog

    Updated Sep 10, 2014 Posted by S. on Dog

    Question How long do you recommend giving heartguard to a dog? Now with the colder weather approaching do I still have to give all year around? I live in Michigan in a condo, dog is mostly inside dog. Answer Dear S., I often get this question and veterinarians are somewhat divided over the issue. Some advocate year-round preventive medicine especially when people travel with their dogs to warmer states in winter. I join those who stop the medication when the mosquito season is over and advise...

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  • Benefits of home-prepared whole food diets for dogs

    Updated Sep 09, 2014 Posted by K.K., Moorhead, Minnesota on Dog

    Question I'm writing to thank you for all the great information I've read in your columns over the years, but especially your whole foods diet for dogs. I grew up hearing from vets: "Don't feed your dogs 'people food.' The companies that manufacture dog food spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to research what is best fed to dogs, and they know better than you." I have been owned by various loving miniature and standard schnauzers since my early 20s (I am now in my mid 60s). As you...

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  • Any suggestions to cat doesn't like to have her nails clipped?

    Updated Sep 04, 2014 Posted by L.W., Toms River, New Jersey on Cat

    Question My husband and I adopted a 10-week-old rescue domestic shorthair kitten, who was the runt of the litter. She has just turned 4 years old. We love her; she has very dear little ways about her. Her problem is she doesn't like to have her nails clipped. The groomer who had it down pat is no longer employed at the place where we take her. Our cat needs her nails clipped every other month. She spits, growls and sometimes screams, and she has every groomer frightened. We don't want her...

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