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  • cats lost fur under the collar

    Updated Dec 12, 2014 Posted by D.L., Maryland Heights, Missouri on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I was thinking about getting a collar for my newly adopted kitten, but then I remembered that my two previous cats lost their fur under the collar. The vet said the collars have chemicals in them. Is this true? If so, why do they sell them, and are there any safe collars I can get? Answer DEAR D.L.: Some cat collars come with an elastic insert so the cat can break free if he or she gets the collar snagged. Don't let your kitten roam off your property, and train him or...

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  • Clarifying Hyperactive Thyroid Disease In Cats

    Updated Dec 11, 2014 Posted by C.L., Frostburg, Maryland on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I recently read your article in which you said that after radiation for hyperthyroidism in cats, the cat would need continuing medication. In 2010, my 14-year-old cat developed hyperthyroidism. Our vet said that she could either take medication for the rest of her life or go to Radiocat for a one-time treatment (at a cost of $1,300), after which she would never need treatment for that disease. We opted to do that at Radiocat in Baltimore. She spent four days there. She...

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  • Kidney Failure in Cats

    Updated Dec 10, 2014 Posted by T.G., Fort Myers, Florida on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: Our Dice (a 14-year-old male kitty) just left us, and we're heartbroken. He was diagnosed with kidney failure. I can't help thinking it may have been what we fed him for so many years. In the last three years, we switched to Blue Buffalo wet and crunchy food, but he favored his Fancy Feast crunchies and Gravy Lovers wet food. Dice left behind our Bella, a 2-year-old female, who does not drink water but will eat Fancy Feast Gravy Lover's canned food. Are we doing her...

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  • Puppy With Urinary Tract Infections

    Updated Dec 09, 2014 Posted by L.D., Alexandria, Virginia on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: We have a German shorthaired pointer-Lab mix puppy; she is not quite 5 months old. She has had two urinary tract infections. When she developed the second one, our vet did a urinalysis and said she had crystals in her urine. He prescribed Hills Prescription c/d dog food for her as a preventative for future problems, i.e. kidney stones. Is this the treatment you would recommend? What causes this condition? Her infections both cleared up after a course of...

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  • Recommend that dog owners avoid neutering their pets

    Updated Dec 05, 2014 Posted by F.B.K., St. Louis on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I was amazed that an influential veterinarian such as yourself would actually recommend that dog owners avoid neutering their pets. The facts concerning animal overpopulation are well known. There are more than 70,000 puppies born each day in the United States, and if not neutered, each dog and its non-neutered offspring will result in more than 12,000 dogs born over the next five-year period. This results in the needless euthanization of over 3.7 million dogs each year....

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  • Animal Bereavement

    Updated Dec 05, 2014 Posted by M.A., Nolan, New Jersey on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I have a 14-year-old blue point Siamese cat named Simba. He will be 15 on Valentine's Day. On May 31, his half-sister passed away suddenly on my bedroom floor. Cali was 13 years old. Simba and Cali were inseparable, and when I tell you they did everything together, I mean it! After she died, I picked up Cali and put her into a basket and then put Simba into the basket to see she was gone. Simba just jumped out of the basket as if to say, "What are you doing to me?" I...

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  • Puppy breeding kennels

    Updated Dec 04, 2014 Posted by P.P. on Dog

    Question If we addressed the issue of puppy breeding kennels would that not reduce the number of dogs in animal shelters My children bought a dog on line from a breeder in the Midwest, dog had health issues so they contacted the breeder and Vet that had checked the dog. The breeder did not return calls and in trying to locate Vet they found that the country had 38 breeders listed. We are happy to have this great little dog with all her problems as we are sure had we not purchased her she would...

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  • Psychic Ability in Dogs

    Updated Dec 01, 2014 Posted by M.L. on Dog

    Question Dear Dr.Fox: My aunt raised Rhodesian Ridgebacks for years.She lived in Woodlawn,Il.She was hit head on by a drunk driver in Oklahoma. At the time of the accident her kennel girl was feeding the 7 dogs. She said all 7 went to the kennel gates and started howling in unison. Answer DEAR M.L.R.: I and many readers will appreciate your sharing of the apparent reaction of your aunt's dogs to her sudden death hundreds of miles away. Skeptics may dismiss this as sheer coincidence and...

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  • Cat Throwing Up After Eating

    Updated Nov 30, 2014 Posted by K.K., Portola Valley, California on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: We have a lovely, healthy 3-year-old cat, Rachel. She is affectionate, adaptable and a delight in every way. My one concern is that she throws up about once a week -- sometimes after eating. Only rarely does it contain a hairball. Although she sometimes eats grass, that doesn't show up in her vomit. Because she does not drink much water, I have, on the advice of her holistic veterinarian, been feeding her wet food. Being a cat, she has her own opinions on the matter....

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  • Animal Bereavement

    Updated Nov 26, 2014 Posted by J.H., Annandale, Virginia on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I wanted to share our experience with animal bereavement. We had two Yorkies, brother and sister. They slept each night at either end of our couch. The female died at age 16 1/2. The night after she was gone, I was turning out lights and there was Toby, by himself at one end of the couch. I was struck by his aloneness. I had bought a stuffed animal in the shape of a dog. I put it on the couch where Holly used to sleep, and in the morning, Toby was wrapped around the toy...

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