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Here you will find all of Dr. Fox's newspaper syndicated columns.

  • Cat’s Drinking Issues

    Updated Oct 30, 2014 Posted by D.F., Fargo, North Dakota on Cat

    Question In your column, I recently read about a cat not drinking water and thought I would offer a suggestion: My cat won't drink water from a dish placed next to his food bowl. My cat growing up would drink the water left in the bottom of the bathtub, so we started putting her water bowl on the side of the tub. My current cat started drinking water from a short glass I had for myself on my nightstand. So that is where her water bowl is now. Some cats are just picky about where their food and...

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  • Cat Vomiting and Diarrhea

    Updated Oct 30, 2014 Posted by R.P., Matawan, New Jersey on Cat

    Question My cat had vomiting and diarrhea and received extensive and expensive testing and medication with no permanent cure in spite of also being fed only prescription canned food. I finally realized that the problem was the excessive liquid content of the canned cat food. After opening the cans, pouring out the excess liquid and allowing the contents to dry out by leaving the opened can in the refrigerator for a day before using it, I greatly reduced the liquid content of the food. The...

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  • Puppy Coughing and Sneezing?

    Updated Oct 30, 2014 Posted by D.K. on Dog

    Question I have a 16-week old puppy that I purchased two months ago from a dog store in New York. He is a wonderful dog, and a very happy animal. The first night I took him home, I was awoken by the sound of persistent sneezing. I found the little guy sneezing so hard that he was smacking his nose onto the floor. I took him the next day to the vet, who put him on an antibiotic. The sneeze quickly went away, but a less pronounced, though noticeable hacking cough, has persisted every since. It is...

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  • Cat’s atopic dermatitis

    Updated Oct 29, 2014 Posted by D.E., Lake Worth, Florida on Cat

    Question I recently inherited a 15-year-old active and healthy Himalayan cat. She has always had a thin area of fur on the base of her tail, under her belly and between her legs. After we got her, it got worse. She is never allowed outside and neither she nor my other cat have fleas. I took her to an allergy vet, who suggested I put her on Atopica. I don't know if I could administer the kind made for cats without her choking, so she gets a very small amount of the kind for dogs, since she's...

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  • How to solve the cat’s sneezing problem

    Updated Oct 28, 2014 Posted by J.D., Arlington, Virginia on Cat

    Question We rescued our littermate male Russian blues 10 years ago. In the past two years, one of them has had sneezing fits every two to three months. We bring him to the vet, and he gets a shot of Convenia. Within two to three days, he is fine again for another few months. Now his brother has started to do the same thing. Our vet wants to anesthetize the cats and scope their noses and lungs. Both cats usually produce thick, greenish-colored mucus from the nose when they sneeze. Should we put...

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  • Renal Failure in Cats

    Updated Oct 28, 2014 Posted by T. G. on Cat

    Question Our Dice (14 year old male kitty) just left us, heartbroken. Diagnosed with Kidney failure, I can’t help thinking it may have been what we fed him for so many years. In the last 3 years we switched to the Blue brand wet and crunchy food, but he favored his Fancy Feast crunchies and wet food for gravy lovers. Dice left behind our Bella, (2 year old female) who does not drink water but will eat Fancy Feast gravy lover’s canned food. Are we doing her more harm than good? Can you suggest...

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  • Petzlife Oral Care Gels Safety.

    Updated Oct 27, 2014 Posted by H. on Cat

    Question PetzLife advised you are the best person to clarify whether below product is effective and safe for long-term use in cats: PetzLife Oral Care Gel - Peppermint For example, there seems to be conflicting info. on whether neem oil is toxic for cats. In your reply, please kindly include any related info. should be aware of. Thank you Answer Hi H., It is good to question all ingredients in pet and human supplements and medications these days! I have done some extensive literature...

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  • How a crate can become a secure safe-haven for a dog?

    Updated Oct 26, 2014 Posted by T.D., St. Louis on Dog

    Question You recently answered a question from someone whose rescued beagle mix was chewing his tail and knick-knacks when the owner left the house; the vet suggested he crate the dog when he left, but he couldn't do that to the dog since he spent "all that time in one" at the shelter from which he was rescued. Perhaps the owner could get a crate and leave the door open so the dog can go in and out on his own when the owner's home to see if the dog likes the crate. It's possible that some of...

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  • The relationship and meaning of love between human and animals

    Updated Oct 23, 2014 Posted by G.B., St. Louis on Small Pet

    Question I volunteer to walk dogs at our animal shelter and also foster dogs for adoption. Some people say that we "animal lovers are suffering from misguided love and should care more for people, especially children and the handicapped." What is your opinion? Perhaps this is why municipalities generally give little funding for local shelters. It also makes me sick when I see some animal trainer of killer whales or elephants on TV insisting that they love the animals they work with. What kind...

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  • What does cats purr signify?

    Updated Oct 23, 2014 Posted by C.D., Montreal, Quebec on Cat

    Question Could purring in adult domesticated cats be a neurotic behavior just like barking in adult dogs? Do adult felines in the wild purr at all outside of the birth and raising of a litter, or do they purr as frequently and intensively as domesticated and pampered cats? I had a very dependent cat who would drool and purr constantly while I was in the room. I don't think this is normal behavior. This would have incredible implications, as purring is currently interpreted as true happiness...

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