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Animal Doctor Articles

Here you will find all of Dr. Fox's newspaper syndicated columns.

  • How to Keep the Dog Out of the Cat's Litter Box

    Updated Nov 24, 2014 Posted by S.R., Hendersonville, North Carolina on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I have a female dog who is the same size as my cat (17 pounds). For five years, I have been trying to keep my dog out of the cat's litter box. She not only goes for the poop, but eats the litter, too. I have tried everything -- scolding, water pistol and loud noises. The cat is old, so I can't put the litter up high. Please help. Answer DEAR S.R.: One effective solution is to get an adjustable baby gate and secure it so there is enough space between the gate and the...

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  • Dog Fears Being Touched

    Updated Nov 23, 2014 Posted by L.W., Arlington, Virginia on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: We adopted a 10-year-old 5-pound Chihuahua named Potato from the animal shelter. He was at the shelter many months because no one could touch him -- he screams and tries to bite when hands come down hear him. Nothing is known about his history. We've had him for three years, and his aversion to hands has not improved. I've read books and consulted with those in rescue, sanctuaries, reputable breeders and the Chihuahua Club of America. He has been to training and we've...

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  • Preventive Health Care For Companion Animals

    Updated Nov 20, 2014 Posted by L.K., Alexandria, Virginia on Dog

    DEAR READERS: Proper preventive health care for our dogs and cats entails more than providing good nutrition; a safe, stress-free and clean environment; the satisfaction of behavioral needs; and a caring and understanding primary caregiver. It must include an annual wellness exam by a veterinarian, a key factor emphasized by the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association responding to a decadelong decline in the utilization of veterinary care. But too...

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  • what do you imagine happens to animals' souls after death?

    Updated Nov 18, 2014 Posted by R.D.P., Hendersonville, North Carolina on Small Pet

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: In your books and column, you have mentioned that you are convinced that animals have souls that survive death. But what do you imagine happens to animals' souls after death? Do they stay with their former owners? Do they journey to the other side? Do they transmigrate into the body of another living animal? Do they reincarnate? I don't believe you have mentioned what you believe happens. I'm sure we are all "dying" to know (no pun intended). You have our full attention!...

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  • Neighbor Dogs' Constant Barking

    Updated Nov 18, 2014 Posted by H.B.W., Columbia, Maryland on Dog

    Question My townhouse neighbor has three beagles who she leaves in her yard for hours; they bark and howl a lot. I have tried a little device that was supposed to emit a sound to make them stop barking, but it didn't work. The howling sometimes makes it hard to hear guests in my home, since our living room is adjacent to her backyard. My neighbor has accommodated me by not leaving them out between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. They are sometimes, but not usually, out for hours. She said that if she...

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  • Dog Allergies

    Updated Nov 17, 2014 Posted by C.H. on Dog

    Question I have a rescue pit aged 6 years we have been dealing with allergies for 4 years now. my vet says he is allergic to grass and wants to put him on atopica, which is very expensive. when I ask about something cheaper he says there is nothing out there to try. we have had him on 4 Benadryl twice a day and 4 prednisone a day, with no results. my poor boy has scratched himself raw. the vet says it is environmental and only atopica will work. can you suggest what we can do. he never had a...

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  • Worries about cat’s behavior

    Updated Nov 11, 2014 Posted by K.A., Sandy Springs, Maryland on Cat

    Question I got my first cat at the end of January. She was a rescue cat given to me by a friend who already had several. When she was found, she was in good condition. My friend took her to a vet, who thought she was about 1 year old. She got her shots and was spayed. She is curious and funny, and I enjoy having her around except for a couple of things: She doesn't seem to like being petted. I can pet her briefly under the chin and on her chest, which she especially seems to enjoy when I...

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  • What is your opinion about the role of dogs in transmitting Ebola?

    Updated Nov 10, 2014 Posted by S.A., La Belle, Florida on Dog

    Question What is your opinion about the role of dogs in transmitting Ebola? A dog who was living with an infected person in Spain was killed, but one in the United States was put in quarantine. Some fear dogs will be blamed for helping spread this disease in West African countries and subsequently poisoned and killed. Answer Dear S.A.: This is a pertinent question, considering the hysteria over this virulent but not highly contagious disease. Reports that dogs have dug up and eaten Ebola...

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  • Cat endocrine disease epidemic

    Updated Nov 09, 2014 Posted by S.N., Fort Myers, Florida on Cat

    Question My male cat's blood work came back with an elevated thyroid result. My vet says it's hyperthyroidism, and many of the typical symptoms are there. If a specialist confirms the diagnosis, what is your recommended treatment? Do you like the radioactive iodine procedure? What will be best for my cat long-term? I know he would not like getting medicine for it every day. Answer Dear S.N.: Sorry about your cat; it really is an endocrine disease epidemic. Check my website for details --...

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  • Would a low-dose aspirin be acceptable for a dog with hip disease?

    Updated Nov 06, 2014 Posted by M.G., Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Dog

    Question Two days ago, my 50-pound Samoyed was playing with my border collie, and she moved in such a way that she yelped. Since then, she has been in obvious pain. We go for our walks, although much slower. Her left hip hurts her, and she lifts that paw and it shakes. Would it be all right to give her a low-dose aspirin? Answer Dear M.G.: This could be a serious ligament tear involving the knee joint, the first signs of hip disease such as arthritis or dysplasia or simply a minor sprain...

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