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  • Any suggestions for a puppy had diarrhea, but prednisone and antibiotics had no effect?

    Updated Aug 19, 2014 Posted by S.S., Naples, Florida on Dog

    Question My 12-pound puppy has had diarrhea for at least five months. Our vet has tried special food like Hill's z/d hypoallergenic diarrhea powder. She's also been on prednisone and some antibiotics. At this point, I don't know what I can do anymore. She is otherwise a happy little puppy who seems to enjoy her life. Please, any help would be appreciated. Answer In my opinion, you need to find a veterinarian who will take a more holistic approach to your young dog's potentially debilitating...

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  • Any alternatives for Female ferret being spayed?

    Updated Aug 18, 2014 Posted by P.K., Norman, Oklahoma on Small Pet

    Question When my son was in grade school, he enjoyed the animals they had in his classroom -- a rabbit and a couple of gerbils. He's older now and wants a ferret. You don't write much about these kinds of small pets in your column, but my question is: Are there any alternatives to having a female ferret spayed? It seems extreme since we will only keep one, and she won't have a chance to breed. Answer I rarely receive letters concerning cage and aquarium animals, be they rats, hamsters,...

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  • How do I do with my catty who's diagnosed with struvite?

    Updated Aug 15, 2014 Posted by T.N., Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Cat

    Question Four years ago we adopted two barn kittens (male and female siblings). The female is a healthy, happy cat (though not a lap kitty). The male, Cappy, who was the runt of the litter, appeared healthy until last year, when he was diagnosed with struvite (urinary tract stones). He had had a couple of occurrences of urinating outside the litter box, but at the time of the diagnosis, he was unable to urinate and spent two days in the emergency animal hospital. Following this, both cats have...

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  • what should I do with my older dog who's got bad hips?

    Updated Aug 15, 2014 Posted by Y.P., Houston on Dog

    Question Our family dog has bad hips. He is a Lab-golden retriever mix. He is about 9 years old. We don't know much about his early years because he came to live with us later in life. How do humans know when a dog is in pain? He does not flinch, whine or show any different behavior when I feel his hips or hind legs. He just limps badly. Thank you for your advice. Answer Pain is a highly subjective phenomenon. Some dogs, like some people, have very high pain thresholds and can tolerate...

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  • Cage Soiler Dogs

    Updated Aug 14, 2014 Posted by M.D. on Dog

    Question Hi Dr. Fox, I have 4 beagles ages from 11-8 being the youngest. My 11 year old never had accidents in her crate but in the last month she has started to poop and pee my youngest the same problem my 10 year old the same thing. I have not changed their food or treats nor do I give them table food. They go out every morning before I go to work and do all their business right before I leave I take them out again and they go so this is a behavior that is so confusing. I have started just...

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  • How do I deal with my dog's gastritis?

    Updated Aug 13, 2014 Posted by T.D., Fort Myers, Florida on Dog

    Question My dog was diagnosed with gastritis. What dog food is easily digested? Our vet suggested Hill's Prescription i/d. Do you have a recommendation? Answer "Gastritis" is a term describing a condition without an identifying cause -- part of the magic and obfuscation of medical terms derived principally from Latin nouns and adjectives. A costly endoscopic probe might confirm that there is inflammation and possibly erosion and ulceration of the lining of the stomach. But what is the cause,...

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  • Is Fipronil the flea and tick drug hazards which caused my dog's aggressive behavior?

    Updated Aug 11, 2014 Posted by B.B., St. Louis on Dog

    Question After reading your column about what to do when a gentle dog turns aggressive, I decided to share the following saga with you: My dog, P.D., a 6 1/2-year-old 27-pound neutered mixed-breed dog, had always been a sweetie. When we got him, he was about 10 to 12 weeks old, and had 52 ticks on his little body. As a pup and young dog, topical flea and tick preventatives made him sick, so for the ensuing years we have fed him brewer's yeast and garlic tablets. He has never had fleas or...

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  • Question Of Royal Canin Or Blue Buffalo Dog Food

    Updated Aug 07, 2014 Posted by Pat on Dog

    Question I notice you do not mention Royal Canin OR BLUE BUFFALO dog food? I always look at recalls… dog can't TALK….and want to feed her ONLY food made/processed in the USA! Please give me your opinion on these…especially Blue….since I have fed ONLY that to my 7yr old Dobie. (lost my Bull Mastiff last yr at the age of JUST turning 9….after heart surgery!) Answer It is a full-time job to keep up with all the ingredient changes in pet foods, all the recalls and changes in ownership as one...

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  • Why do dogs eat grass and dirt?

    Updated Aug 07, 2014 Posted by S. Y. on Dog

    Question I have 4 small dogs who have been eating Purina One for seniors for about 2 years. They are all eating dirt, digging down under the grass. They eat their food and then want to go outside to eat dirt. This has been going on for a long time. Could it be the dog food? Do they need more minerals? Answer It is normal for dogs to engage in 'geophagia',--- eating a little dirt now and then to get minerals and beneficial gut bacteria. Many animal species do this. In my experience, dogs who...

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  • Problem of finding Dr.Fox's book in libraries?

    Updated Aug 07, 2014 Posted by A.L., Denver on Dog

    Dear Dr. Fox: Why is your book "Not Fit for a Dog" not in the library system in Denver and surrounding area, nor in Prospector materials databases and interlibrary loan? Dear A.L.: Thanks for your email on a very important issue for authors -- not about making money, for me at least, but all about getting the message out to help improve the health and well-being of our animal companions as well as those who love and care for them. There are many reasons why libraries don't carry certain...

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