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  • Do Something Good With My Dog

    Updated Mar 06, 2015 Posted by N.S., Trenton, New Jersey on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I wrote to you a while back because I had to make the awful decision to put our little Chihuahua down. My son bought Lola from a local pet store, and she had a parasite passed from her mother that turned into encephalitis. This was all determined after many tests and from two neurologists at the animal hospital. We had to put our adorable little puppy down one week before her second birthday. She went blind, had as many as 15 seizures and was on 14 different meds to help...

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  • Pde: Pug Dog Enchephalitis

    Updated Mar 05, 2015 Posted by W.W., Alexandria, Virginia on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: Recently, my wife and I lost one of our 2-year-old pugs to PDE (pug dog encephalitis). Prior to this, we had never heard of this genetic illness, which, as you know, is usually fatal. In my research, I found that a possible early symptom of PDE is an abnormal gait. Our pug, Simba, did indeed have an abnormal gait in his rear left leg. My wife and I take very good care of our pugs and have been pug owners for many years. This abnormal gait was brought to our vet's...

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  • What Can I Do For My Cat Who Has A Lump

    Updated Mar 04, 2015 Posted by C.V. on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: my 15-year-old male cat, Kasmir, has a good-sized lump at his injection site (hip joint). My cat before him experienced the same problems and died after we tried everything -- the lump was removed, it returned and the cat died anyway. I kind of wonder why the vet recommended we vaccinate him considering his age, my other cat's experience and the fact that Kasmir is an indoor cat. I know I would not subject him to radiation or chemo, so I have pretty much decided to do...

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  • Young Dog With Cataracts

    Updated Mar 03, 2015 Posted by D.C., Alexandria, Virginia on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I have a 4-year-old Havanese dog who developed a cataract two years ago. I took him to a surgeon who specializes in cataract removal. Although the operation was successful, we noticed that our dog was not seeing out of that eye a couple of months later. We took him back to the surgeon, who told us that our dog had a detached retina and is now blind in that eye; he said that this happens sometimes. We were devastated. Now our dog is developing some cloudiness in his good...

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  • More On The "No-Kill" Animal Shelter Issue

    Updated Mar 02, 2015 Posted by C.F., Sterling, Virginia P.A., Keswick, Virginia P.A., Grayslake, Illinois on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I would like to clarify the "no-kill equation" referenced in your recent column. The very noble and attainable goal is to ensure the successful placement of at least 90 percent of the pets entering the animal control system. Even the staunchest animal advocates realize that not all animals can be saved -- the sad truth is that some are too severely abused, ill, injured or aggressive for rehabilitation. Applied correctly, "no kill" never requires or advocates the...

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  • What Kind Of Organizations Can Fund Feral Cats?

    Updated Mar 01, 2015 Posted by B.W., Leonardo, New Jersey on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: Presently, there is an injured feral cat that I have been feeding and protecting on my back patio. He or she (not sure) comes every morning and sleeps in a makeshift bed I have provided to protect her from the elements. We live in New Jersey, and it's been quite cold here. I have a relative who is a vet in California who suggested I investigate a catch-and-release program. This cat has a damaged left paw, which is either a birth defect or an injury. In any event, it is...

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  • Vaccinations For Indoor Cat?

    Updated Feb 28, 2015 Posted by K.R., Springfield, Missouri on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: What is your opinion on my daughter's 3-year-old spayed, totally indoor cat getting an annual rabies vaccine? Do you think she needs this? It is time for her annual visit to the vet. Answer DEAR K.R.: It does not seem logical to have to give the rabies vaccine to an always-indoor cat, but it is the law in most states, and veterinarians must toe the line unless they determine that the animal could be at risk from receiving the vaccination. An injection-site fibrosarcoma...

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  • My Dog Refuses To Eat Unless Several Things Happen Beforehand

    Updated Feb 27, 2015 Posted by D.K., Springfield, Virginia on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: My wife and I have a 5-year-old, 12-pound silky terrier, Stewie. We got him as a rescue when he was 1. There's a consistent problem, however, when it comes time to feed him. He'll scratch his bowl to let us know he's hungry; we prepare his favorite food -- a mix of wet and dry -- and warm it in the microwave (yes, he's spoiled). Then he refuses to eat unless several things happen beforehand: First, he won't eat unless I'm standing over him and his bowl. If I'm in another...

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  • Where Should Dog Be Sleeping?

    Updated Feb 26, 2015 Posted by Y.R., Springfield, Virginia on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I have a 6-year-old male miniature poodle. He has being with us since he was 9 weeks old. He is seldom alone, since both my husband and I are always at home. Our biggest problem is that when he wakes up, he scratches our bedroom door to get in, or begs for us to go to his room and get in bed with him (he sleeps in a regular queen bed). It happens around 1 or 2 a.m. What can be done to discourage this behavior? He was neutered when he was 6 months old....

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  • My Shelter Dog Bites His Feet

    Updated Feb 26, 2015 Posted by K.L., Fargo, North Dakota on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I have a Jack Russell terrier, and we have a problem. Jasper, a shelter dog, bites his feet. They get very red and look sore. I have changed his food: He now eats Purina lamb and rice. What do you think I can do to get him to stop chewing on his feet? I'm thinking of changing his diet again. Jasper is 4 years old, and I'm at my wits' end. Answer DEAR K.L.: I sympathize with you and your poor dog. This is a distressing condition that can quickly worsen the more the dog...

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