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  • Tearstains on dogs

    Updated Jan 22, 2015 Posted by B.S., St. Louis on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I just read your article about tearstains on dogs. I wanted to tell you I have found a way to practically eliminate them in my 1 1/2-year-old Maltipoo. I started feeding him dry food brands with just chicken as the main ingredient. There are several to pick from. Since he has been on this diet, he no longer has the orange stains running down his face. As you mentioned, probably much of it is caused by the red dyes in much of the dog foods, or perhaps it's the red meat...

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  • Calming An Aggressive Cat

    Updated Jan 22, 2015 Posted by F.P., Stratford, Connecticut on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I have three cats -- two females, ages 10 and 4, and a 3-year-old male. Recently, especially in the morning, the male has terribly harassed the other two. Is there any homeopathic remedy I can use to calm down my male in the morning? He is less obnoxious later in the day. Answer DEAR F.P.: A sprinkle of fresh catnip may spark him into a more sedated state -- cat Valium! Not all cats eat it, but those who do generally calm down. The cat pheromone product Feliway,...

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  • Dogs running and playing

    Updated Jan 21, 2015 Posted by N.M., Waretown, New Jersey on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: My English setter is close to 10 years old. As a puppy and for the first five years, it was difficult to make the time to give him all the exercise he needed, but he has slowed down in recent years. Every day, my husband takes him down to a park near our house where several other dogs and owners meet to let the dogs play and run. He loves this time and plays with two dogs who are much younger than he. When he gets home, he is wiped out and limps for the rest of the...

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  • Why Do Cats Drool?

    Updated Jan 20, 2015 Posted by L.W., Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I have always had cats, but Bella is the first to have a constantly wet mouth. Every so often she will give her head a quick, hard shake, which sprays excess saliva everywhere. This is very annoying, both to cat and human. What can I do to help her and save my clothing? Answer DEAR L.W.: Some cats do drool more -- it's just their physiology and temperament. They get very "drool-y" when they are relaxing and being petted. But don't take that as the single cause of...

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  • Online Pet Purchases

    Updated Jan 19, 2015 Posted by P.P., Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: If we addressed the issue of puppy-breeding kennels, would that not reduce the number of dogs in animal shelters? My children bought a dog online from a breeder in the Midwest. The dog had health issues, so they contacted the breeder and vet who checked the dog. The breeder did not return calls, and in trying to locate the "vet," we found that the region had 38 breeders listed. We are happy to have this great little dog, even with all her problems. We are sure had we...

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  • Dogs With Eating And Barking Issues

    Updated Jan 13, 2015 Posted by D.G., West Palm Beach, Florida on Dog

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: I have a dog, Gizmo, who is almost 4 years old. We believe he's a pug-Chihuahua mix. He's a good guy and wants to please me. About a year ago, he had some sudden and strange behaviors that had a manic quality. I came into the room and he knocked over a vase on a table and began to gobble up the flowers. I told him no. Then he ran to the carpet and started trying to pull up pieces and eat it. When I told him no again, he ran over to some string curtains and tried to...

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  • Animal Shelter Issues Revisited

    Updated Jan 11, 2015 Posted by J.O., Stevensville, Maryland & Anonymous, Rockville, Maryland on Small Pet

    DEAR DR. FOX: Because I have worked for a veterinarian for 13 years, I find your ideas both interesting and useful in our clinic. I have been a volunteer at my local animal shelter for 25 years. My shelter is county-operated, so we must accept all strays, turn-ins, ferals, etc., from anyone who lives in our county. We are open seven days a week, and we do have bona fide hours of operation, but those go by the wayside daily because there is so much that doesn't get done by the end of the...

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  • My 2-year-old female cat is sick

    Updated Jan 08, 2015 Posted by M.H., St. Louis on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: My 2-year-old female cat is sick. I took her in for her annual checkup last Friday. The vet gave her Pfizer's nasal vaccine FRVC (no distemper). No other medication. She got her last set of vaccinations by injection in November 2013. On Nov. 26, 2014, she was throwing up and had a fever of 104.6. She got a shot for nausea and a delayed-reaction antibiotic. She started keeping food down. Two days later, she threw up three times overnight. I took her back to her vet. Her...

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  • Wellness Exams

    Updated Jan 06, 2015 Posted by M.K., Washington, D.C. on Cat

    Question DEAR DR. FOX: Recently, you wrote in your column, "Make the wellness exam part of the needed annual blood test for heartworm prior to resuming post-winter preventive medication; this exam should evaluate kidney and liver function, blood glucose and other essential health indicators." I thought that there was no treatment for heartworm (at least for cats), and if that's true, then there isn't any point in testing, right? More to the point, just so I'm clear, are you saying we should...

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  • My Cat Food Recipe

    Updated Jan 04, 2015 Posted by Dr. Michael Fox on Cat

    DEAR READERS: As promised last week when I presented my dog food recipe after having been deluged with requests, I am posting the recipe for cats. May all enjoy! DR. MICHAEL FOX'S HOMEMADE DIET FOR CATS 1 whole chicken, cut in pieces, or 1 pound hamburger, ground lamb or turkey 1 cup chopped chicken hearts and gizzards 1/2 cup peas, chickpeas or lentils Pinch of salt 1 tablespoon fish oil 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin 1 egg 1 tablespoon apple...

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