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I have a very smart but easily bored cat who I would like to stimulate. I looked for your book "Supercat: How to Raise the Perfect Feline Companion" in our one and only bookstore, but I could not find it. Is there a way to order it? I don't have a computer.

L.C., Waldorf, Md Jul 23, 2013


I am glad that "Supercat," published by John Wiley and Sons, is still in print. Bookstores can carry only a limited number of titles, but they all surely have computers and can place orders online for books that are not in stock. Some may refuse to do so because they don't get good discounts or deal only with bulk suppliers. They should be reported to the regional Better Business Bureau.

While "Supercat" has all kinds of games and IQ tests for cats, the best stimulation for a cat is another cat. Far too many live solitary, boring lives.

As for ways to stimulate your cat, you can make your own cat toys, including a cane with a long string and a feather on the end or a few pipe cleaners twisted into spirals. This will be entertaining and will stimulate the body and mind. Some cats love to chase after a laser pointer. A French veterinarian, Dr. Thierry Bedossa, interested in enriching animals' environments, told me that many cats will learn to play with an electronic game pad when the screen is placed on the floor and there are moving images to follow and paw at. A laser pointer can be used to attract the cat to the screen on the floor, and there are many children's games that are enjoyed by cats!

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