Animal Doctor Articles Weekly on April 27, 2008


I read in your column about introducing a new baby to a dog. I have an Airedale who was successfully introduced to three infants.The first time was when he was 9 months old and we were living in England, where dog advice is more frequent than pediatric counsel. My terrier was very active, very much a part of the family. We were told to take the baby''s diaper off when entering the home the first time after birth and let the dog sniff the baby''s backside. We tried it with all three children, and there never was a territorial problem.Please pass this on to your readers as it may help some dogs adjust to new members of the family.

C.C., Purcellville, Va Apr 27, 2008


This is indeed good advice, and I''m sure such folk wisdom goes back generations.In some countries, dogs act as baby-sitters and as a substitute diaper service, the dogs cleaning up after un-diapered infants evacuate -- just as they would clean up after their own pups.

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