Animal Doctor Articles Weekly on March 06, 2005


I looked on your web site for information on how to feed my dog. In your column you say your food recipe is what to use, but on the Web site you seem to be saying use the homemade food as a supplement. If I go to the bother of making the food from your recipe, I would rather not have to buy dog food as well. I would appreciate it if you would clear this up for me. So is it all right to use only the dog food recipe on the web site as my dog's only food? If so, how much do I feed my dog? She is an overweight pug who should weigh about 22 pounds.

F.E.S., Virginia Beach, Va Mar 06, 2005


The homemade dog food recipe on my web site can be given as the sole food, or as a supplement to your dog's regular diet. In the latter case, of course, she should receive less of her regular food. It is difficult to determine how much a dog should be fed. The rule of thumb for moist foods (which have more water and less nutrition per cupful than a cup of dry dog food of comparable quality) is 1 cup twice a day for a 30-pound dog. Adjust the amount by checking the dog's physical condition after 3 or 4 weeks: two cardinal signs being no ribs showing but easily felt under the skin; and no fatty "puffs" behind the shoulders, around the base of the tail and in the groin area. If in doubt about assessing your dog's condition and obesity/leanness profile, consult with your veterinarian. An estimated 16 percent of America's 65 million dogs are either obese or overweight today, and therefore are not in good health.

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